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Beetroot Scoffins

Our beetroots loved the July rain, revelled in the humidity, didn’t care when the wind was cold and now they are ready to eat. Soldiers, everyone of them and they certainly cheer things up on a rainy day.The beetroot and chia seed muffins I made today were luminous pink. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face whatever the weather and very easy to make.


I buzzed some cooked beetroot to a puree, mixed it with yoghurt eggs and coconut oil


then folded it into the dry ingredients.


Spooned the mix into a muffin tin and hey presto, thirty minutes later – Pink muffins!!!
They weren’t only good looking, they were delicious.


I took some to the shop and they flew out the door.

Here’s the recipe if you fancy trying it. It’s gluten free and could be dairy free if you wanted, just swop the yoghurt for soy yoghurt

Beetroot and Chia Seed Scoffins

200g cooked and peeled beetroot
250mls natural yoghurt
140g rice flour
170g coconut flour
1tbs chia seeds
1 and a half tsp baking powder
half tsp baking soda
half tsp salt
2 eggs
150g caster sugar
120mls coconut oil

Pre heat the oven 180c

Put the beetroot into a food processor and puree to a smooth paste.
Add the yoghurt, eggs and coconut oil to the beetroot then buzz everything together.
Put the rice flour, coconut flour, baking powder, bread soda, salt sugar and chia seeds into a large bowl. Pour the beetroot mix on top then mix everything together. Put a paper muffin case in each hole in the muffin tin. Spoon a generous tablespoon of the mix into each muffin case then divi up any left overs.
Bake for 25-30 minutes. Stick a sharp clean dry knife into the centre of one of the muffins to test for doneness. If it comes out clean it’s ready.
Cool before eating.

My Apricot Jam Tree


I am an apricot jam freak – my favourite jam of all.
I have an apricot tree espaliered against the wall in the tunnel in our garden.
It’s not a regular tunnel, hence the wall, it’s where the original glasshouse once was.
The tree was three years old this past spring and this July sees our third harvest of apricots.
We were meant to skip the first harvest but I couldn’t bring myself to strip the fruits off which evidently I should have done as last year we only got a handful of apricots – which we ate – they were delicious but not enough to make jam. This year the tree seemed to catch up and we got a good few kilos which I harvested yesterday.


Waking up to hear more rain splatting off the roof this morning didn’t cause as much despair as other days as I knew I had the apricots waiting in the kitchen.
I hopped up and quickly began the jam mission so that it could cook whilst I had breakfast.
I washed the apricots, split the fruit and removed the stones which were given a little bash and then put into a little muslin bag.


The fruit was roughly chopped and put into a saucepan with the sugar, the juice of a lemon and the muslin bag which dangled by a string from the saucepan handle.


I gently heated the pot until the fruit and sugar began to melt together and then slowly raised the heat until everything was bubbling away. It doesn’t take long to reach setting pot, two slices of toast and a smoothie later it was ready to pot up.


Jam making’s a great rainy day job. A steamy kitchen full of the smell of sweet cooking fruits which culminate with jars of golden jam. Guaranteed to lift the rainy day blues!