Monthly Archives: April 2015

Emergency Tapas

Owning a food shop is no guarantee that there’s going to be something readily available to eat in the house.
Inviting friends to drop in for an apĂ©ritif was fine on the drink front – I had chilled some wine and made ice cubes but then I started to wonder what we could have for an instant aperitif. This is an art the Spanish have perfected – open a can of fish or some other wonderful ‘conserva’ so I had a look on our jumble of a can shelf and found a can of sardines.


Delicious as they are, but whizzed up with a little red onion, lemon juice, olive oil and sake


they made an unctuous spread that makes lots of little tostadas.


I diced up tomato, red onion and parsley and piled it on top to make what looked like quite an elegant creation.