Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bottled Sunshine


Our grandson has discovered the raspberries.He grazes his way around the plants everyday looking for the ripe ones, it’s become part of his daily routine. At least it’s not the birds this year. I enjoy hanging out with him and his enthusiasm is infectious. We usually end up about fifty fifty which means I have a cupful and he has a bellyful.

I’ve been taking my cache down to the kitchen and putting them into bottle of white wine vinegar. At this stage I’ve just about filled bottle no 2 and they look and smell delicious.

It’s the simplest thing to do – just get bottle of white wine vinegar and post the raspberries in, leave to macerate on the windowsill for two weeks giving the bottle the odd shake.

After two weeks strain the vinegar through a sieve lined with muslin or a piece of clean j cloth and bottle up into clean sterilised bottles and you’ll have a supply of bottled sunshine for your winter salads.