Monthly Archives: February 2013

Beans and Chips

I arrived home hungry this evening after spending the afternoon scrubbing. There was paint and plaster splatted around the shop floor from the renovations, and myself and a jetlagged kiwi set to with wire wool and scrubbies like a pair of cinderellas. The result was impressive and it feels a little closer to to being ready to open on Tuesday now.

Despite being hungry I was reluctant to cook and plomped down beside the stove with a cup of tea and the paper. Of course I only got hungrier and in the end I leapt up and started to root around the kitchen, trying to find something. I found a little bag of borlotti beans in the freezer and the dinner progressed from there, using up the rest of the pumpkin that was sitting on the window sill and a few anchovies that were left over from the pork pie mission, all jazzed up with tomatoes, onion, a star anise and smoked paprika. It tasted something like Boston Baked Beans. I made little chippy potatoes to go with and it certainly sated my hunger