Grilled Polenta with Roasted Beets, Carrots and the Summer Bean Salad

Tonight we ate tomato, bean and basil salad with roasted beets and polenta. Mainly because we wanted to take a photo of the bean salad. It was another very variable weather day. As soon as we installed ourselves outside, so it rained and vice versa. As soon as we got stuck inside, in the tunnels so the sun came out. This movement back and forth decided the diner menu. Whilst we were sheltering in the tunnel we pulled some carrots. Beautiful stumpy Chantenay carrots. Like bullets with intense carrot flavour. The sun came back out and I found myself on the sod sofa muching on one of these taste explosions mulling over dinner possibilities. The bright orange of the carrot led to our multi jewelled collection of beetroots . In the end I roasted the two together, earthy and sweet, and we ate them with grilled slices of polenta and yoghurt olive oil sauce. The bean salad was a very tasty side kick.  Here are the photos

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A cook that gardens. Sun addict. Not a good addiction in West Cork hence the travel addiction. Add in a splotch of kitchen snooping while away, a big walled organic garden while home and a kitchen full of a bit of everything. Runs an organic bakery/delicatessen/food shop with her husband using food from the garden and the years of accumulated kitchen snooping. Check out the shop and garden at View all posts by lettercollumkitchenproject

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