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Truffle Hearts


Valentines day is coming and Con spent today making truffle hearts and plain old truffles which are delicious.
We think he makes the best chocolates ever.
Go Con!!


They had to be protected from sneaky fingers.



They’re all packed up and ready to head to the shop.
Serious limited edition


These are the ones that didn’t fit into the bags!!
Happy Valentines

Xmas Baking Frenzy

Our kitchen has turned into a cookie/cake/truffle factory and we are all feeling slightly sick from eating so many sweet things. All in the name of research that is.


We have made Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti,


Hand Made Truffles – absolutely the best even if I say so myself


Xmas Jewel Cakes, jam packed with candied fruit and nuts


Torta di Nocciole e Clementini – an Italian extravaganza which we make with home made candied clementines, soaked in brandy and mixed with toasted almonds and hazelnuts, fatty sultanas and chocolate


There are also hand made chocolates , raw chocolate truffles, Baci di Dama and all manner of home-made cookies waiting to be packed.

And I have finally finished packing the Xmas puddings.


Time for lunch – we’re off to Deasy’s!