Breakfast Series

Breakfast In Asia is nothing to do with cornflakes. In fact there’s not a cornflake in sight, it’s far more exciting.

Our day begins with all sorts, depending where we are. In the towns it’s likely to be noodles. Especially noodle soup with a range of condiments to spice up your dish – chillies, toasted peanuts, nam pal, oyster sauce, you just help yourself and add them in. There’s noodle soup with chicken, noodle soup with fish or noodle soup with just veg if you ask although that’s looked on rather strangely as it seems that you’re requesting the omission of the highlight. After my fish ball disaster I stick to the veg, it’s all very tasty


We have e feasted on Roti Canai, the Indian pancakes which are served with onions,egg and dal or bananas. Substantial and delicious


Then there’s Nasi lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk wrapped in banana leaf with sambal and little dried fish, this is pretty full on but it’s good once you get stuck in. It must have been okay as we’d eaten it before we remembered to take a photo.

Fried rice with egg. Egg in the rice or fried eggs on top. Fried egg on top is my preference.


Then there’s congee, a kind of porridge made from rice, lassis made with curd and fruit and the most magnificent fruit salads.


Now we’re on the island I feast on fruit. Most days it’s watermelon, banana, tangerine, pineapple and mango. Other days there’s dragon fruit included and there’s also ripe papaya which I’m not fond of so I always request ‘fruit salad no papaya’. Which ever way it comes it’s a healthy start to another sunny day.

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