Monday Morning Eggsperiment

There was an article in yesterdays Sunday supplement by Simon Hopkinson on ‘How to boil the perfect egg’.

It went into great detail as to how to achieve the perfect egg – depending on how you like it – and there were five choices. The method used is to begin with the egg in a pan of cold water which is bought to a gentle boil and the egg is cooked for anything between one and five minutes.

This got our curiosity going so  we decided to have an eggsperiment to test out this out. Five eggs is quite feed so we invited Tim, the eggsessor, and his lovely lady to breakfast this morning. Tim came with us on a trip to China some years ago and  after various meals with chickens beaks and feet and all manner of blobby things he decided eggs were the safe option. He ate a monumental number of eggs so we knew he would be up for the job.

I hadn’t actually explained there was going to be an experiment when we extended the invite so I guiltily threw some orange and date muffins together to pretty up the breakfast table. We numbered the eggs from one to five and popped them all into a pot of cold water. As soon as the pot reached a boil we turned the heat down to maintain a gentle roll and started the stopwatch.

The experiment went very well.We fished the eggs out minute by minute and Tim managed to consume the five eggs in about six and a half minutes and here are his comments

Number 1 – runny but edible

number 2 – just how Tim likes his eggs – white just set

number 3 – classic egg

number 4 – yoke just started to go hard on the outside

number 5 – a properly boiled egg , a set yoke but with a little moistness left

After breakfast, feeling inspired, we piled into the car and went to Bandon market where we picked up ten new brown hens and a fancy looking ‘Polish’ which is a speckled grey and white Bantam with a mighty hair style and attitude. We called her Sid.

Happy Monday!

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